THERMO-FLEX 1000 (Acrylic Coating)

Thermo-Flex 1000 acrylic roof coating is an acrylic elastomeric fluid-applied coating designed to enhance energy savings and water resistance, thereby protecting the assets and increasing the longevity of the structure. It is formulated using advanced all-acrylic polymer technology for application over spray polyurethane foam applications and withstands intense heat and ultraviolet rays in humid climates. 

Thermo-Flex 1000 is ideal for low slope roofs with positive drainage

Product Benefits

  • Provides a seamless umbrella over new and existing roof substrates
  • Best insulation value per inch
  • 100% Adhesion
  • Self-Flashing
  • Slopes to drain
  • System is lightweight
  • Renewable
  • 60 Years of Proven Performance
  • Miami-Dade County, Florida Approved
  • Meets California Title 24 requirements
  • UL Listed, Energy Star and CRRC rated