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HBS spray foam insulation is designed to solve the problems traditional insulation methods cannot. From protected livestock in agricultural environments; effortlessly lifting sunken concrete; or protecting and stabilizing sites in areas of rock fall. The diverse range of outstanding products are the sustainable and high performance option for residential and commercial projects.

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  • Civil Engineering, Under Slab

    Designed for higher compressive strength requirements, including roofing. This closed-cell foam offers a compressive strength of 40 psi and a density of 3 lbs. per cubic foot (48 kg per cubic meter).

    • Initial R-value of 7 to 1 inch (1.23 RSI)
    • Compressive strength of 40 psi
  • Geolift

    B803 (Geolift) is a water-blown concrete lifting foam for both residential and commercial use on driveways, sidewalks, and patios.


    • Available in 2.5 lb and 4 lb densities
    • Best compressive strength in its class (5% for the 2.5 lb, 10% for the 4 lb)
    • Application from room temperature of 0°C and above
  • PIP Foam

    Specially formulated for field or factory injected applications using high or low pressure equipment. High performance polyurethane foam systems using HFO blowing agent which has a low impact on the environment.  Also available in open cells.

    • Initial R-value of 3.4 to 7.5 per inch (0.6 to 1.32 RSI).
    • Open and closed cell foam
    • Density from 0.5 lb and over
  • General Purpose Foam

    Huntsman Building Solutions’ B217-00/A100-4 is a two component, closed-cell, spray applied, rigid polyurethane foam system, specially formulated to meet the classification A of the ASTM E-84 at 4’’. This product uses recycled plastic materials, rapidly renewable soy oils, and the blowing agent has zero ozone depleting potential.

  • High Service Temperature

    B218-00/A100-4 is a two-component closed-cell spray foam insulation specially formulated to perform in temperatures as high as 250°F. For use in tanks, pipes and other applications.

    • Aged Thermal Resistance: 7.27 @ 1 inch
    • Conforms with ASTM C411

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