Building a better tomorrow, together. 

We are a leading manufacturer of spray foam insulation, pioneering an energy efficient building envelope for our customers’ homes, buildings and the planet.

Brought together through the excellence of Icynene, Lapolla, Demilec and Huntsman, Huntsman Building Solutions has a combined heritage of more than 110 years of insulation expertise. 

Our mission is to provide the highest-quality and most reliable spray foam insulation across a range of applications, including residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural installations.

We’re helping to advance ecothermal and sustainable technologies, made possible by a passionate team working together to build a better tomorrow.


HBS employees

From the lab to the jobsite, from the office to the factory, Huntsman Building Solutions employees are focused on our customers' success.


Our journey towards a greener building envelope begins and ends with our customers. 

Bringing to life architects’ sustainable designs and elevating the energy performance of homebuilders’ properties. Working closely with professional installers to drive standards, improve efficiency and making sure that homeowners have a more comfortable living space for decades to come.

Because we all share the same purpose: to use sustainable methods in saving more energy, and to make a bigger contribution to a sustainable future.

Customer Centricity at HBS

  • Recycle

    Being environmentally responsible

    • Transforming PET plastic waste into insulation
    • Sealing the building envelope
    • Reducing energy use and costs
    • Improving comfort and energy independence
    • Reducing the carbon footprint of our businesses and buildings
  • Info

    Leading the industry

    • Leading the professionalisation of the spray foam industry
    • Partnering with independent industry associations to drive standards
    • Educating architects, builders, surveyors, lenders and homeowners on the benefits of spray foam
    • Improving products and applications to drive performance
    • Building spray foam's global reputation as a superior insulation
  • Spanner

    Building expertise

    • HBS University – educating installers and professionals
    • Best-in-class training programmes run by HBS experts
    • Sessions at HBS Centres of Excellence or on-site
    • Professional safety management 
    • Successful attendees awarded an HBS Authorised Installer diploma

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