Open-Cell Insulation

Mainly Interior Applications

HBS open-cell spray foam delivers a superior air barrier than traditional insulation for walls, floors and roofs. Spray foam insulation will adhere to most construction surfaces and expand up to 100 times its original size to create an airtight building envelope. HBS pioneered the development of open-cell spray foam insulation through innovative technology and it is now a mainstream building material in many countries.

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  • FoamLok 501

    • Great thermal resistance with λ = 0,039 w/mK
    • Acoustic absorption
    • Air tightness and permeable to the vapor water
  • H2Foam Lite E

    An open cell spray foam designed to have a better thermal conductivity.

    • Low water absorption of 0,3 kg/m²
    • 100% Water blown
    • Reaction to fire, class E
  • H2Foam Lite

    A water blown open cell spray foam. Suitable for residential and commercial buildings.

    • Can be applied in temperatures as low as -15°C
    • Very good thermal resistance, with λ=0,038 w/mK
    • Airtight and vapour permeable insulation
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Closed-cell solutions

A higher density foam than open cell, closed-cell spray foam insulation is an air barrier, vapor barrier and retarder suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.


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