Spray Foam for Homeowners

Spray foam insulation is a sustainable component of a high-performance home with benefits you simply can’t achieve with traditional insulation.  Huntsman Building Solutions offers a wide range of spray foam formulas to ensure your home remains comfortable and energy efficient year after year.


Spray foam and financial institutions

  • Having Spray Foam in your house doesn’t necessary mean you can’t get a mortgage or equity release
  • HBS products are sanctioned by the highest levels of certifications (BBA or KIWA) and also carry a 25-year product warranty
  • HBS products are only installed by our qualified network of Authorized Contractors
  • Feel free to contact HBS if you have our products installed and need assistance
  • For more information regarding mortgages and equity release, please download our FAQ document using the link below.

Up to 56%

reduction in heating per year

FAQ Mortgage Issue

Why Spray Foam

  • Spray foam is an industry-leading building solution that seals and insulates in one application
  • Creates a quiet, comfortable environment by sealing all cracks, gaps, and voids in your home
  • Minimize the amount of dust, allergens, and outdoor noise from entering the home
Benefit Open-Cell Closed-Cell Traditional Insulation
Seals and insulates in one application yes yes no
Meets or exceeds residential energy codes yes yes yes
Reduce building materials and jobsite waste yes yes no
Easily installs to irregular shapes and curves yes yes no
Backed by our limited lifetime warranty yes yes no
Thermal comfort and consistent temperatures yes yes no
Minimizes dust and allergens from entering the home yes yes no
Reduces unwanted outdoor noise pollution yes no yes
Effective barrier to harmful soil gases no yes no
Improves structural and racking strength no yes no
Increases wind uplift resistance no yes no
Resists flood damage no yes no
Creates an exterior monolithic barrier no yes no

Why Huntsman Building Solutions

World-leading polyurethane spray foam company with more than 110 years of combined heritage.  We utilize innovative technology, proprietary polyols, and recycled/renewable content to create eco-friendly, energy efficient building materials.

  • Education

    Training sessions designed to develop and strengthen your spray foam IQ

  • Marketing

    Print and media to illustrate the applications and benefits of spray foam insulation

  • Building Science

    Expert team of architects and engineers to help support the adoption of our products

  • Technical Service

    Most qualified tech team to assist with education and field support

  • Product Innovation

    Unmatched offering of open-cell and closed-cell formulas for use in any climate

  • Contractor Network

    Vast network of professional contractors to ensure your project is insulated correctly

Recycling Plastic Bottles into Wall Insulation

Huntsman Building Solutions is leading the spray foam industry. As the champion of the recycling-plastic-into-insulation movement, Huntsman Building Solutions is providing comfort to homeowners while offering the world a solution to the growing plastic waste problem.

High-Performance Homes

A high-performance home is comfortable, healthy, durable, and efficient.  Insulating with Huntsman Building Solutions spray foam helps achieve these advantages and provide a better home.

  • Globe


    Seal and insulate to reduce drafts and outdoor noise

  • Globe


    Build tight, ventilate right for ideal indoor conditions

  • Globe


    Improve structural strength and wind uplift resistance

  • Globe


    Up to 56% savings on monthly heating and cooling costs


No matter the scale of your project, we have a spray foam product to suit all your needs. See details below or get in touch if you’d like a personal steer from the team.

  • Closed cell, closed, closedcell,


    Typically used in colder climates, closed-cell insulation:

    • has a higher density foam than open-cell
    • acts as an air barrier and thermal resistance 
    • can be installed anywhere in the home

    Discover closed-cell insulation


  • open, open cell, opencell


    The best option for warmer climates, open-cell insulation is:

    • superior as an air barrier
    • often used to insulate interior walls for quieter living spaces
    • Mainly used for interior projects.

    Discover open-cell insulation