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Insulation manufacturer instrumental in the creation of new Inspection Protocol for spray foam

14 Mar 2023

New guidance which assists property professionals and residential surveyors in the application and inspection of spray foam insulation should help more homeowners to benefit from the high-performance insulation, suggests Huntsman Building Solutions.

Through a five-stage framework, the Inspection Protocol supports professionals to confidently assess pitched roof elements and determine an overall recommendation for the suitability of spray foam insulation as well as a methodology for surveyors to ensure proper installation of spray foam. This includes undertaking and recording observations of the roof structure, the spray foam insulation which is present and the loft space.

An important element of the Protocol is a homeowner pack, which will be supplied to homeowners when spray foam insulation is installed. This documents key evaluation measures prior to installation, including the condition of the roof and a hygrothermal evaluation, alongside details of the material installed and of the installer.

Under the new Inspection Protocol, where this pack is made available and inspections deem that work has been carried out in line with best practice, properties with spray foam installed will be considered “low risk”. This conclusion will be used by lenders to determine their willingness to provide mortgage solutions on a property.

The guidance has been developed collaboratively by a working group established by the Property Care Association. The group was made up of spray foam manufacturers including Huntsman Building Solutions, alongside surveying institutions, lenders, surveyors, legislators, and product certification bodies.

Simon Baker, President of Huntsman Building Solutions, says: “This is a huge step forward for our industry and means homeowners across the UK will be able to confidently invest in the performance and efficiency of their properties with spray foam insulation. Until now, some homeowners have been held back from using spray foam due to concerns around financing and building performance, but the inspection protocol cuts through those concerns and provides a clear route to inspection.

“As a responsible manufacturer, we are delighted to have played a leading role in the development of this code of practice, sharing the insight and expertise we’ve built over 30 years in the industry. So, while spray foam is relatively new in the UK, we are using our experience from countries such as the USA and Canada to build knowledge and confidence of the material here.

“Besides this, we’ve also committed to supporting surveyors in building their knowledge of spray foam and have launched a series of training modules which are delivered by our team of product technicians. We’re positive that this activity will make spray foam insulation accessible to more homeowners, so they can enjoy the benefits of a well-insulated home.”

By supplying its spray foam products exclusively to authorised installers, Huntsman Building Solutions is going even further to ensure quality installations for homeowners across the UK.

To view the Inspection Protocol, click HERE.