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Is Spray Foam Insulation Safe?

8 Sep 2022

Spray foam is an effective type of insulation for keeping homes warm and keeping heating bills down. But is it safe? In short, yes, it is. Find out why and get the latest industry advice on the safety of this superior type of insulation.

What is spray foam insulation?

Spray foam insulation is a high-performance alternative to traditional insulation methods. Water blown, open-cell spray foam expands up to 100 times its original size, filling even hard-to-reach spaces and gaps with ease to achieve full insulation coverage and provide the desired insulative properties.

The versatility of spray foam insulation means it can be used to insulate your roof, loft, floors and walls with one single product. It retains heat in the home and helps reduce your heating costs.

While there are two types of spray foam insulation, open-cell spray foam insulation is often considered as the best option for residential properties, providing an effective insulative layer which helps to create more comfortable and efficient homes.

How safe is spray foam insulation?

Spray foam insulation is designed to be used in homes, providing a safe, cost-effective and long-term solution. To ensure it is applied correctly and safely, only professionals should install spray foam and Huntsman Building Solutions encourages this by training authorised installers and providing a 25-year warranty on all installations completed by its trusted network.

Providing homeowners with complete peace of mind, full documentation will be provided following the installation of spray foam, maximising traceability. This paperwork confirms every detail, from the product that has been installed and the date of the project, through to the name of the installer and the length of warranty. When it comes to selling or refinancing a property, these details can be shared with buyers, surveyors and lenders to confirm that spray foam was installed to specification.

All Huntsman Building Solutions products combine the expertise of Icynene, Lapolla, Demilec and Huntsman to provide homeowners with the best spray foam insulation on the market.

Every HBS spray foam insulation product is not only safe for homeowners, but it’s an eco-friendly product made of recycled materials and also saves you up to 56%* on your heating bills.

Should I be worried about spray foam installed on my property?

Spray foam insulation has been used on properties across the UK, for the past 30 years, and around the world for even longer. Now, with its superior insulative properties, it is being used more widely to create highly efficient homes.

Typically installed to effectively insulate homes and buildings, spray foam insulation has a number of other benefits. From reducing noise pollution through its acoustic properties, to enhancing interior air quality by sealing the gaps to prevent airborne irritants to enter the home, spray foam improves homes. Where it is already installed in a home, the accompanying documentation should satisfy homeowners that it is safe, long-lasting and already working to improve the efficiency of their property and reduce heating costs.

How do I know that spray foam is installed to a high standard?

The spray foam insulation sector has been working to standardise all spray foam insulation practices. This is to ensure quality through a range of mechanisms including independent testing and certification procedures.

All spray foam products are tested to the same standards as other insulation measures and should be installed in compliance with appropriate standards. At Huntsman Building Solutions, all our installers have been trained and authorised by us to industry standards and are subject to regular audits.

Because we only work with authorised and qualified installers, we offer a standard 25-year warranty on all HBS products.

Is spray foam suitable for your home?

Spray foam insulation is suitable for the majority of properties in the UK, but it’s always good to ask an authorised installer to assess your property.

Even knowing its suitability, you may still be asking the question, why spray foam? As well as delivering better insulative performance when compared to traditional materials, it is longer-lasting and can make homes healthier, quieter and more energy efficient.

HBS are pioneers in the development of spray foam insulation in the home. It’s through innovative technology that it’s now a mainstream building material in many countries around the world.


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