Training Courses

For efficiency and sustainability, nothing beats spray wall foam insulation.

Huntsman Building Solutions University

Whether you’re just starting out or are well-versed in spray foam application, HBS University training courses can improve your skills and advance your career prospects.


The Applicator Assistant training covers Huntsman Building Solutions product processing, safety and codes and approvals. This course is designed as an entry-level course to get an individual who is new to the industry basic training and is a steppingstone to the 2-day HBS 101 Applicator course. 

During this training, the following modules will be covered:

  • Safety
  • Codes and Approvals
  • Processing


This is a 2-day training, run by members of the HBS tech department and HBS engineering group, designed to educate SPF applicators on various subjects in the 9 modules listed below. Attendees will receive an HBS Approved Applicator diploma after passing an examination.

During this training, the following modules will be covered:

  • Foam Basics & History
  • Building Science & Thermal Envelope
  • Safety Training
  • New Codes & Approvals
  • Equipment Training
  • Spray Gun Presentation
  • Processing
  • House Preparation and Business
  • Troubleshooting


Lift concrete with spray foam in residential and commercial applications, such as driveways, sidewalks, and patios. By drilling dime-sized holes in the uneven concrete, and injecting closed cell spray foam under the slabs, you can lift, level, and renew. 

Demolition can be expensive. Instead of pouring new concrete, repair your sunken concrete with closed cell spray foam to save time and money on your renovation.

  • Lift existing concrete surfaces to properly drain water instead of trapping it
  • Level sunken concrete to meet code, comply with insurance, and create a safer environment
  • Renew old concrete with this environmentally friendly product instead of replacing it
  • Driveways, sidewalks, and patios can be renovated with much less labor


At Huntsman Building Solutions, we are committed to assisting our market partners in developing skills to succeed both on and off the job site. With this goal in mind, we have been working to create an intense full day of sales training. Please join us and learn to be a market dominator and not just react to the market. This intense sales boot camp will cover:

  • Sales Safety
  • Selling to Architects, Builders, and Homeowners
  • Maintaining Control of the Sales Process
  • Motivating Yourself to Win in Tough Markets
  • Listening and Questioning Techniques
  • Setting Goals
  • Building a Well-Rounded Customer Base That Provides In Good Times and Bad
  • Understanding the Code for Efficiency and Fire Ratings

Course Dates

  • Entrenamiento Virtual de HBS (US) - Aplicadores Espuma Paredes con Rociador

    Start Date: 22 July 2024, 9.00am

    End Date: 23 July 2024, 4.00pm

  • Spray Foam & The Inflation Reduction Act

    Event Date: 23 July 2024, 1.00pm - 2.00pm

  • HBS University Virtual Training (US) - Spray Wall Foam Applicator Training

    Start Date: 26 August 2024, 8.00am

    End Date: 27 August 2024, 3.00pm