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HBS Helps Get Utah Energy Efficiency House Bill Signed Into Law

27 Mar 2023

In a win for homeowners, the environment and the spray foam industry, Utah Governor Spencer Cox recently signed into law HB 0532, which updates Utah’s energy efficiency requirements.

Utah State House

HBS applauds Utah’s efforts to reduce energy usage and save homeowners money through efficiency improvements in the building envelope.

Because of the enormous impact this bill will have in securing Utah’s energy needs, improving the State’s environmental footprint for generations to come, and creating opportunities for the spray foam industry, HBS helped secure this win by directly engaging with builders and the bill sponsor Rep. Cal Musselman. HBS assisted with two key provisions in the bill. First, the air tightness requirement for buildings was lowered to 3.5 ACH50; second, the bill implements a new prescriptive R-value for roof deck insulation in unvented attics (R-22 in climate zone 3 and R-26 in climate zones 5 and 6. These build into code the advantages of an unvented attic while making it more affordable to build. 

You can read the press release from the Institute of the Building Envelope, whose members also assisted in encouraging the passing and signing of the bill, here:

Spray foam insulation is the most effective insulation on the market and HBS looks forward to collaborating with builders in Utah to implement these new requirements.