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HBS Update With Simon Baker

9 May 2023
HBS Update with Simon Baker

Huntsman MDI & Spray Foam: Integrated By Design

Everyone in the spray polyurethane foam business knows the product – whether insulation, roofing or specialty application – is unique in that it is essentially “manufactured” on the job site rather than in a factory like most other building products. To effectively spray install the material, contractors combine and mix the A and B sides via specialized equipment at the site of application. This process creates the innovative, energy-efficient building envelope solution whose performance and value we all stand behind.

For contractors, consistency in application, R-value, yield and performance is monumentally important. These measurables ensure a contractor’s efficiency, profitability, and, ultimately, success.

Huntsman Building Solutions is fully committed to delivering the gold standard in spray foam options, whether open-cell, closed-cell, roofing or specialty. For us, it starts with the quality of the materials combined onsite to form spray foam. Together, Huntsman and Huntsman Building Solutions are an exception in the industry, acting as a fully integrated, producer and manufacturer. Not only are we focused on delivering the standout spray foam end product optimizing commercial and residential structures, but we also produce our own MDI (i.e., methylene diphenyl diisocyanate), which comprises the A side of spray foam.

Being our own MDI producer passes meaningful benefits to our valued contractor partners. First, we are able to bypass the traditional supply chain for this critical component of spray foam. We’ve all witnessed in recent years how crucial this can be. With global manufacturing sites in Geismar, Louisiana, as well as in Shanghai and Rotterdam, we ensure our own security and consistency of supply. We are also able to leverage the substantial chemical and technical expertise of Huntsman to continually improve our spray foam systems. Essentially, this top-to-bottom integration enhances our ability to innovate and ensure both quality and reliability in our spray foams.

Our joint production and manufacturing capabilities are deliberate by design. We are structured this way to help facilitate the success of our contractors and to enable the incredible work they do all over the world every day

As our integrated approach highlights, Huntsman Building Solutions extends its commitment to excellence beyond the scope of most manufacturers. We actively engage in building projects, provide site inspections, and work closely with architects to optimize the insulation needed by a client’s building plans.

By partnering with HBS, you get consistently high-quality products coupled with dedicated in-field support, training through HBS University and professional safety management.

Many thanks to all our valued contractor partners for your continued trust and ongoing business.

Simon Baker

Global President

Huntsman Building Solutions