FOAM-LOK LPA -100 roofing adhesive is a two-component, water-blown, spray and bead applied roofing adhesive for attachment of insulation and barrier/recover boards over structural
concrete, metal decks and existing Built-Up roof systems. where mechanical attachment is difficult or undesirable in both new and recover roofing applications.

Product Benefits

  • No structural deck damage caused by mechanical fasteners
  • No extensive set-up and breakdown time
  • Rapid application resulting in increased production rates
  • Continuous weight-in and walk-in of insulation boards not required
  • No fasteners back-out during deck movements
  • No damage caused to deck when removing fasteners during re-roof
  • No offensive asphalt fumes
  • No potential burns to workers
  • No fear of drilling through electrical conduits or chipping or cracking of concrete