Roofing Coatings

HBS Roofing coatings are commonly used in roofing assemblies that create an economical and effective roofing system for applications over new and existing roofing substrates in order to extend the life of the current roof (weather roof system).  HBS Roofing Coating Systems protects, preserves, and prolongs the life of commercial and multi-family roofs.

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  • THERMO-SIL NP (Silicone Coating)

    Thermo-Sil NPTM High Solids Silicone Roof Coating is a single component, moisture curing silicone rubber roof coating system designed for use on existing smooth surface BUR, granulated cap sheet, well-adhered acrylic coating, concrete, metal, sprayed-in-place polyurethane foam and various single-ply membrane roofing.

    • Reconditions, preserves and extends the useful life of roofs
    • Controlled flow properties allow a continuous, even film to be applied even on rough surfaces
    • Forms a tough, flexible membrane that is integral with the structure itself
  • THERMO-SIL PRO 9600 (Silicone Coating)

    Thermo-Sil Pro™ 9600 is the ultimate high solids silicone coating for professionals in the roofing industry. Advanced direct-bond technology provides extreme adhesion and proven protection against high winds and weather.

    • Cost-saving alternate solution to re-roofing the building structure
    • Coat metal buildings to prevent rust
    • Use on low-sloped or flat roof systems, vertical walls, masonry, metal and more!
  • THERMO-SIL PRO Roof Patch (Silicone Coating)

    Thermo-Sil Pro Roof Patch is a solvent-based fibered silicone mastic intended for use as a direct-bond, permanent patch and repair product. 

    • Repair membrane punctures caused from hail damage
    • Fix mechanically induced damage from foot traffic, HVAC servicing, and other related membrane perforations
    • Permanently seal joints and fasteners on a variety of roofing details and applications
  • THERMO-SIL PRO Seam Sealer (Silicone Coating)

    Thermo-Sil Pro Seam Sealer is high-performing, professional grade seam sealer. It is designed to seal abnormal roof penetrations that cannot be covered with standard sprayers or rollers.

    • Ease of application
    • Fast moisture cure
    • Superior adhesion to a variety of substrates
  • THERMO-SIL PRO Bleed Blocker (Silicone Coating)

    Thermo-Sil ProTM Bleed Blocker is a highly engineered acrylic single component, water-based primer designed for application over BUR, Mod-Bit, and smooth or mineral surfaced cap sheet. 

    • Superior exterior durability and UV light resistance
    • Seamless, fully-adhered elastomeric membrane
  • THERMO-SIL SF (Silicone Sealant)

    Thermo-Sil SF is a high-performing silicone sealant for the protection of seams, penetrations and fasteners on various roofing substrates. Upon cure, Thermo-Sil SF forms a durable and weatherproof barrier that is highly resistant to degradation from UV and natural weathering.

    • Silicone Durability — Excellent long-term resistance of cured product to natural weathering including: extreme temperatures, ultraviolet radiation, rain and snow.
    • VOC Compliant — High solids solvent-free formulation that complies with California regulations.
    • Ease of Use — Single-component material that can be applied with trowel, stiff brush or glove hand, with sufficient open time for tooling before it cures.
  • THERMO-FLEX 250 (Acrylic Coating)

    Thermo-Flex 250 is an economical acrylic elastomeric roof coating uniquely formulated for the protection of polyurethane foam roofing insulation on all new and existing roof substrates. It is designed to withstand the intense heat and ultra-violet rays of low humidity desert environments.

    • Reflectivity - UV light resistance
    • Energy conservation - reduces building’s energy load and thermal conductivity
    • Life-cycle cost reduction with long-term performance and longevity of the roof
  • THERMO-FLEX 1000 (Acrylic Coating)

    THERMO-FLEX 1000 Acrylic Roof Coating is an acrylic elastomeric fluid-applied coating designed to enhance energy savings and water resistance, protecting assets and increasing the longevity of structures. It is also designed to extend the life of new and existing built-up asphalt, modified bitumen, asphalt shingle, single-ply,
    galvanized metal, concrete, and plywood roofs. TF 1000 Series withstands intense heat and ultraviolet rays in humid climates.

    • Superior exterior durability and UV light resistance
    • Seamless, fully-adhered elastomeric membrane
    • UL 14353 Certified
    • Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC) Listed
  • THERMO-FLEX 1500HT (Acrylic Coating)

    Thermo-Flex 1500HT is a technologically advanced, high solids, fire retardant, thixotropic, acrylic elastomeric coating uniquely formulated for the protection of polyurethane foam insulation. It is a premium quality high tensile formulation that also withstands the damp heat and ultra-violet rays of humid environments.

    • Superior exterior durability and UV light resistance
    • Provides a seamless umbrella over new and existing roof substrates
  • THERMO-CAULK (Acrylic Caulk)

    Thermo-Caulk is designed from 100% acrylic resins. It is a single component, water-based, high-performance elastomeric sealant. It is a knife-grade caulking that when cured forms a tough, flexible membrane that seals out moisture.

    • Waterproof
    • Easy to apply
    • Tenacious adhesion
  • THERMO-PRIME (Acrylic Primer)

    Thermo-Prime™ acrylic roof primer is a single component, water-soluble acrylic primer that promotes adhesion of spray-in-place polyurethane foam to a variety of roofing substrates including BUR, modified bitumen, concrete, masonry, galvanized metal and wood.


    THERMO-PRIME EPDM rinseable primer is a surface treatment solution that alters the surface chemistry of EPDM membranes to dramatically improve adhesion of Huntsman Building Solutions acrylic & silicone elastomeric coatings.

    • Environmentally safe (diluted rinse water)
    • Easy to apply
    • Easy soap and water clean-up
  • THERMO-PRIME (Multi-Substrate Primer)

    Thermo-Prime Multi-Substrate Primer is a highly engineered, single-component, water-based primer designed for application over TPO, concrete, galvalume, galvanized steel, aluminum, and other common roofing substrates including difficult to adhere to membranes or surfaces. Thermo-Prime imparts corrosion resistance to metal substrates laden with surface rust and is designed to improve adhesion of the topcoat to the substrate, providing water-resistant qualities before the topcoat is applied.


    WALL-LOK is a high-fill thick elastomeric coating and sealer that is flexible and stretchable. This makes it
    ideal for bridging non-structural cracks and defective joints from a hairline crack up to 1/16” wide.

    • 10 times thicker than ordinary paint
    • Provides a waterproof barrier to any exterior surface
    • Contains reflective material that shields the building from harmful UV rays
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