THERMO-SIL PRO 9600 (Silicone Coating)

Thermo-Sil Pro™ 9600 is the ultimate high solids silicone coating for professionals in the roofing industry. Advanced direct-bond technology provides extreme adhesion and proven protection against high winds and weather.

The monolithic nature of the silicone ensures full coverage over the roof by filling all cracks and crevices. Full coverage, coupled with the self-leveling characteristic, makes it a user-friendly product for all application types including squeegee, roller or sprayer.

This single-coat product protects the building from UV rays and high winds, leaving building occupants comfortable due to the high Solar Reflective Index (SRI) of 0.87. Thermo-Sil Pro 9600 is versatile and can be installed on multiple substrates, with or without spray polyurethane foam. Substrate surfaces include masonry, granulated BUR/Mod-Bit, granulated APP, metal, concrete and single-ply membranes.

Product Benefits

  • Cost-saving alternate solution to re-roofing the building structure
  • Coat metal buildings to prevent rust
  • Use on low-sloped or flat roof systems, vertical walls, masonry, metal and more!