THERMO-PRIME (Acrylic Primer)

Thermo-Prime™ acrylic roof primer is a single component, water-soluble acrylic primer that promotes adhesion of spray-in-place polyurethane foam to a variety of roofing substrates including BUR, modified bitumen, concrete, masonry, galvanized metal and wood. Because of its dark color, Thermo-Prime evaporates dew and water vapor from the surface at a substantially faster rate than lighter colors. Increased solar radiation absorbed from the dark color can also increase SPF yields.

Thermo-Prime's water-based formula eliminates odor problems generally associated with solvent-borne primers. Use Thermo-Prime as a bonding primer on properly prepared roof decks to tie-down residual dirt, dust and other small-particle foreign debris to the substrate before SPF installations. Also, use to prime “scarified” foam prior to new SPF applications.