THERMO-SIL PRO Bleed Blocker (Silicone Coating)

Thermo-Sil ProTM Bleed Blocker is a highly engineered acrylic single component, water-based primer designed for application over BUR, Mod-Bit, and smooth or mineral surfaced cap sheet. Thermo-Sil ProTM Bleed Blocker is designed specifically to prevent asphalt bleed-through when applying Silicone coating systems over all asphalt substrates. Thermo-Sil ProTM Bleed Blocker requires no inter-mixing and delivers fast-dry performance.

Product Benefits

  • Superior exterior durability and UV light resistance
  • Seamless, fully-adhered elastomeric membrane
  • UL 790 Approved on multiple constructions
  • Low temperature flexibility down to -15°F
  • Low maintenance/renewable
  • Water Resistant